Tricare Limited Closed Network FAQ’s

Ken Fournier has expended much effort to develop this FAQ database and will be spending a lot more time maintaining it. We are posting it here so it can gain the widest distribution. See his explanation below and please support him by forwarding any responses you get from Global 24, ISOS or TMA to him for inclusion in the database.


Over the past months we have attempted to have ISOS and TMA answer questions about the Demonstration Project so that beneficiaries may be informed about how the program is supposed to function. We have put the questions and answers, (when there has been an answer), into a Microsoft Word program, (closed network FAQ), for which the links are listed below. Since the FAQ documents are maintained on Drop Box, updates will be real time. As soon as we receive and input the answers in the FAQ documents it will be available to read. We will also be adding new questions when they are submitted to the TMA, ISOS or Global 24 officials and they also will be available in real time.

We encourage you to email ISOS/Global 24 with any questions you may have about the Demonstration Project. Their email address is . Please cc us at if you can so that your question can be included in the FAQ. Please send us a copy of any responses you may receive from Global 24 so that it also can be included in the FAQ. Your efforts will assist other beneficiaries in being better informed about the Demonstration Project.

Q&A Links by Category

Angeles City Network

Certified/Approved Provider List

CMAC Questions

Metropolitan Manila network

Misc. Questions

Network Hospitals

Network Specialist Providers

Olongapo City Network

Orion, Bataan Network

Pharmacy provider questions

Provider Qualification

Specialty Provider Waivers Requested

Travel Time questions

Waivers, Appeals and Grievances


About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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