Who or What is Global 24 Network Services, Inc. Really?

The TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) and International SOS (ISOS) tote Global 24 Network Services, Inc. (G24) as a “Philippines Registered Health Services Company with expertise in the development and maintenance of Health Provider Networks.”

In late May 2012 we were told by TMA that ISOS had hired a local Philippine company with experience in building health provider networks to develop and maintain the demonstration network for ISOS. We were told they were hired because of their local experience; presumably their past experience would be valuable in creating a viable network. On the surface that sounded logical since ISOS hadn’t had any success in building the network, but a little strange since we know from personal experience that local HMO and PPOs do their networks so one had to wonder who used them in the past for them to gain experience. So a number of us searched the internet for any information we could find on G24 but there was absolutely nothing in the Philippines. So we expanded our search to the U.S. but also we found nothing. We even checked the Philippine SEC and Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue but there was absolutely nothing to be found, no web page, no references in news articles, absolutely no references, nothing.

Of course this peaked our interest and aroused our suspicions as a Philippine based and registered company with any amount of history in doing work in their area of expertise would leave traces all over the internet and would have a web page. After about a month we went back and checked again and we begin to see traces of the company. We found they were a newly registered company with the Philippine SEC; strange for a company that already had an expertise in their field of work. We also found a web page for them that didn’t exist less than a month before.

So we decided to trace the web page. What we found is that the real owner of the web page was ISOS in Singapore and they had just purchased it from Godaddy on 8 June 2012. GoDaddy is a U.S. based Internet company specializing in domain registration and web hosting. We confirmed the ownership through two different internet sources; WSCheck.com and Network Solutions.

We then decided to trace G24 email addresses and we found they are really proxy email addresses that reside on the ISOS servers in Singapore. Email trace.

If you go to the web page of this Philippine based and experienced company and look closely at the picture in the lower right side of the single page company profile you will notice that Mr. Frewen, a senior manager with ISOS and who shows up here to do dog and pony shows, is displayed prominently in the picture of what presumably are employees of this long time Philippine company with expertise in the development and maintenance of Health Provider Networks. Global 24 Network Services

Why would a company like ISOS want to hide behind a shell company in the Philippines?

By the way, of interest is an ad that Godaddy is going to show during the Superbowl. It claims if you let them manage your company’s web pages it will make your company “Sexy and Smart”. Do you think it makes ISOS and G24 sexy and smart? Godaddy ad


About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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4 Responses to Who or What is Global 24 Network Services, Inc. Really?

  1. firstsgtmike says:

    If I wanted to set up a scheme to defraud the US Government AND deprive veteran beneficiaries of their entitlements at the same time, I would definitely use the above exposed TMA/ISOS/G24 game-plan as a matrix. The difference is that I would be better organized and less blatantly obvious.

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  2. Mark says:

    There are two reasons that ISOS set up this dummy company. 1. So they could charge TMA extra for services. 2. Try to trick beneficiaries into believing that a local Philippine company that understands how the health care industry in the Philippines works.

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  3. John says:

    I wonder.. Is a shell corporation anything like a DUMMY corporation? Pun intended.

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  4. wgraue says:

    If you’ve experienced the dubious entertainment value of “Blushing kangaroo” Frewin in person, you already understand what is going on.

    Not only fraud as now proven in the ‘double collection’ portion of this non-functioning farce, but also, the minute they began lying over the Internet, by phone or fax, they perpetrated wire fraud.


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