Dissatisfied with the TRICARE Benefit that the TMA Claims Everyone Loves But a Few Malcontents.

The TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), who only listens to their favorite contractor, likes to proclaim to the Service Organizations, the Armed Services Committees and any other Senator or Congressman they can corner long enough that the vast majority of beneficiaries in the Philippines love the benefit TMA and International SOS (ISOS) have concocted for them. In fact so much so that they stand in line to pay for long distance calls to call ISOS customer support and praise the virtues of TMA, ISOS and the unique TRICARE benefit only available to those lucky enough to live in the Philippines. This has been reported to us by some of the Service Organizations and the staff of a congressman who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

But the facts, which are hidden from the Service Organizations and Congress by these very same organizations, do not support these contentions.

Our blog offers a fixed location where anyone that accesses the blog can leave their personal horror stories and a few have taken advantage of it; we would like to see a lot more. One retiree that wanted to express his disgust with the special and unique Philippine TRICARE program recently posted his personal experience and we responded with some proof that supports the real truth as expressed by him. If you want to read what he has to say go to the Comments section of the fixed article “Post your personal experiences!” and scroll to the bottom to the comment from Mike.

Also we again encourage everyone to report their ongoing experiences with payment of claims, reimbursement of copay and deductible overcharges, scalping by approved providers and wrong information provided by the contractor to you and providers and experiences with denial of claims due to provider certification issues or mandates that one become a medical coder to get their claim paid. You can do that by posting a new comment after the last comment at the link above.

About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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5 Responses to Dissatisfied with the TRICARE Benefit that the TMA Claims Everyone Loves But a Few Malcontents.

  1. Walter 2 says:

    My cardiologist here told me that the buzz is going around that it is permissible to raise service prices if the patient advises that the patient is participating in Tricare. He doesn’t want anything to do with it due to the other rumor that the host government may be preparing to investigate Tricare.


  2. Walter 2 says:

    The rules now set up make it almost impossible to receive the reimbursement as stated. This is a racket, preying on the gullible retirees who are foolish enough to think they are receiving care at a fair price.
    Only a minority of patients using the Glob claim to have experienced fair treatment. I think they may be confused and should review the numbers in the applicable EOB.


  3. jovito espiritu jr says:

    WPS didnt reimburse the services provided by LIFELINE AMBULANCE to my mom, transfer to hospital with better facilities , according to them it is not EMERGENCY . . . INFACT my mom died after 4 days . . ( my goodness !@#$%)


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  5. Leo says:

    I have been attempting to file a claim since early August. Since I was forced to drop out of TRICARE Prime against my will, I since discovered TRI”NO”CARE is abysmal. Sent claim information to the Southern Region and to TRI”NO”CARE overseas with out a single response. Attempted to access TRI”NO”CARE Overseas online with nothing but problems. Finally they system deleted my account and I have to contact Customer Service to attempt to correct. No way to rest your password. Had a username that was created for me I had no idea about. One has to remember a huge number of horrible passwords. Unless you are sick all the time forget about smooth online access. So far I have been able to use TRI”NO”CARE since being forcibly dropped. Still trying to determine who thinks is a benefit to me as a retiree.


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