International SOS Publicly Claims TRICARE Beneficiaries in the Philippines are Trying to Defraud Them

A Reuters published article by Karen Lema and Rosemarie Francisco entitled Philippines struggles to keep typhoon aid, donations graft-free hit the newswires just a few hours ago. It will be published in hundreds if not thousands of newspapers and internet pages worldwide before the day is out.

Here is what they quote from International SOS (ISOS) in the Philippines;

“Tricare, a health care program providing insurance to U.S. military personnel and retirees worldwide, had received claims for damaged homes from two million people from the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban when the population, before the storm struck, was only 220,000, said Andrea Colley-Lopez, a program manager at International SOS Assistance Inc which provides support for groups including Tricare.”

“The Philippines is always going to be the bane of our existence,” she said, adding medical service providers had also submitted fraudulent claims for damaged hospitals, complicating insurance groups’ responses to legitimate typhoon victims.”

I’ve never seen such a blatant lie published in my life. First, if ISOS had a clue they would know that the TRICARE program they administer in the Philippines does not provide home insurance. Secondly consider the statement from Ms. Colley-Lopez about receiving two million claims for homes damaged by the typhoon. As of 22 Nov 13, 15 days have passed since the typhoon struck the Philippines. For these 15 days Tacloban has been without power or normal access to communication via the internet or cell phones. Yet, if we can believe ISOS in this outright lie, their TRICARE help desk and email address have been inundated with an average of 133,333 fraudulent claims each and every day for 15 days straight. And this when there are no normal communication systems available in Tacloban for the survivors to use to make these calls or send emails. Secondly we seriously doubt their email system and local call system, that routes all calls to Singapore, could handle even 10% of the 133,333 calls and emails ISOS states they received daily. Also the Defense Health Agency (DHA) continues to insist that the total TRICARE eligible population in the Philippines is around 11,000. Even if every man, woman and child among this group tried to file a fraudulent claim for home damage to a medical health plan the most claims they would have received is 11,000 which wouldn’t even account for 10% of a single days calls. Is DHA that far off and there really are two million TRICARE beneficiaries living in the Philippines.

Ms. Colley-Lopez we would like you to know that ISOS has been the “bane of our existence” in the Philippines as well and it is always nice to see how you feel about TRICARE beneficiaries; we always suspected as much. We feel the same way because we see ISOS as the primary reason we have almost no access to care under the TRICARE program in the Philippines.

We have seen some whoppers told by Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Frewen in the past. But Zimmerman and Frewen as well as their bosses should be ashamed of themselves for allowing some junior employee to pass such a ridicules story to the press. Further Reuters and their reporters should also be ashamed of themselves for publishing such a mockery of the truth. A competent reporter would have seen the obvious errors in this claim by ISOS and attempted to confirm it rather than publish such trash.

Shame on all of you for trying to drag the good name of U.S. military retirees living in the Philippine through the mud; this is a new low, even for ISOS. And a good indicator of how they manage all of their business interests in the Philippines.

About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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14 Responses to International SOS Publicly Claims TRICARE Beneficiaries in the Philippines are Trying to Defraud Them

  1. Mark says:

    You would think that the reporters would have checked the facts of the story, but I guess it was more important to get it published while all the news about the typhoon was still in the headlines.


  2. Sam says:

    WTF, What is Reuters doing publishing these outright lies. A sixth grader could do the math and know that the whole article is BS. Someone, (Ms. Colley-Lopez) needs to be fired. Having said that, and considering the other bogus information in the article, is it possible that Ms. Colley-Lopez even exists?


  3. retiredmiltricareperson says:

    Tricare never has nor will they have home insurance. ISOS neds to do some fact checking befoire inserting food. This article makes it look like military retirees are scammers which they arenot!


  4. Sam says:

    What form do we use to claim property damage, DD-U812? Someone is suffering from Octal-Rectal inversion


  5. Scott Cameron says:

    This just demonstrates the reason why I left the US. This is absolutly unbelievable and for Reuters to write and publish something like this is inexcusable as they should at least know that Tricare is MEDICAL INSURANCE, NOT HOUSING INSURANCE


  6. Sam says:

    I just received a response to my email to ISOS . “The exchange between Ms. Colley-Lopez and the Reuters reporter was mischaracterized significantly”. “This story has been removed by Reuters and republished without the section referencing TRICARE and International SOS. Here is the original link which is no longer active: Here is the revised story:“.
    Brandon Friedman, On behalf of International SOS.
    My question is, What is “Mischaracterized”? Who “Mischaracterized” What???


  7. Sam says:

    OK, I got it…Mischaracterized, To characterize falsely or erroneously; to give a wrong character to.


  8. jack walker says:

    After using Tricareless/Chumpus for more than 40 years I was surprised I am so uninformed as to what Tricareless offers. Thank you Ms lopez I am going to rush right out and file my housing claim today, after all .I am retired military and therefore must be a scammer and part of the “bain of your existance”


  9. Peter SCALZO says:

    The whole problem is people are so busy designing pipelines and channels to their already disgusting (Have, have-not) raiding od funds, even in the eyes of the public. However the public (less the autocratic societal scamming scumbags.a.k.a. looters of the public trust) are lead astray from the truth and even so much as receiving tainted information, they (the real Filipino – does want to fight back. The problem is the Oligarchy way of things renders it impossible… The Filipinos who get a taste of money and power will NEVER let go of their positions, possessions, or falsely proclaimed power they have. This TRICare “group” proves it! And yet, NO ONE is to blame???


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