Adequate? At Best!

We thought our members might enjoy reading how those in the states feel about their benefit and how the word “adequate” is used while “high-quality medical care” is used by DHA for our limited benefit when they know it is not even “adequate” due to a lack of quality checks on the providers. You maybe interested in our comment at the end of the article as well.

Military Special Needs Network

494814947 SOS: Our healthcare benefit needs serious help.

You have to hand it to Tricare. They tell you right up front what you’re entitled to as a military family member. The word “adequate” is frequently used to describe our healthcare benefit: “adequate” access to services and “adequate” care to “adequately” meet the family’s needs, just to give a few examples. “Adequate” can be defined as “barely suitable or sufficient” – certainly nothing like the healthcare benefit I imagined.

I haven’t always been so passionate about the healthcare of my family. I haven’t always been concerned about laboratory test coverage, prescription co-pays or compounding, or access to mental healthcare providers. Seven years ago that all changed when we adopted our sons. Our sons, we would discover, would have chronic medical and mental health needs which would need constant monitoring, working with therapists, and necessitating pharmacological assistance. It was then I learned exactly…

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About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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2 Responses to Adequate? At Best!

  1. wgraue says:

    Effectively, we the Angeles City Tricare victims are left with no coverage. Considering the ever-changing list of providers, the attempts to force us into DHA/ISOS participation in fraud, denial of valid claims, and veiled threats by our own government, the Tricare of today is trashed.

    An increasing number of our people are either seeking VA care in CONUS, or moving to US soil, where Tricare has developed into a farce as well.

    Our government has trashed us, and the meager few of us who vote will end up being only a pitiful gesture, while the majority will continue to auto-deny themselves one if the few real rights they have left. These are, in many cases the individuals who accept the fraud to obtain substandard treatment while paying through the nose.

    “Whistle blowing” has begun, in this election year, to topple the ivory tower of senior executives, soaking up ridiculous bonuses while killing veterans, and the same effort can, while the governmental “iron is hot,” do the same to this massive DOD-contractor-overpid civil servant fraud.

    This is not government money, but rather your money, your health and the food missing from your tables so to speak, being wrenched from your pockets into the pockets of two already wealthy individuals. The majority will realize, too late, what hit them.

    I know people who have stated all sorts of lame, childish excuses for not voting, two if my closest friends for example. To me voting is one of the factors separating the “men from the boys.”. If so, we are a sort of over-aged orphanage.


  2. wgraue says:

    What, no replies? OK, I’ll reply to myself. One of my 2 non-voting friends came up with one of the few valid excuses for not voting I could think of, he died.


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