1 July 14 List of Certified Providers Removed in Secret, Bottom of the Barrel and Disclaimers

The latest “Certified” list was posted by International SOS (ISOS) on 1 July 2014. We reviewed the list for suspicious removal activity. The providers we are concerned with were not moved to the Not Seen in > 2 Years list. This means beneficiaries used these providers during the last 2 years yet they secretly disappeared if you believe the notice in their webpage. While it is possible that they died or retired we find that is not the case with most of the ones we researched. So the removals are extremely suspicious and appear to involve the secret sanctioning process that is only conducted against providers in the Philippines; every other beneficiary anywhere in the world can access a list of sanctioned providers in their area. In the Philippines the Defense Health Agency (DHA) prefers beneficiaries play their game of Russian Roulette!

These are the results of our review:

Fifteen (15) providers simply disappeared in secret and under suspicious circumstances.

There were no corrections to any of the current errors included on the list. Of note however is a new error on a newly added provider. As usual their outdated and 20th century IT department is using free-hand data entry and the kid that was doing the entry apparently had no idea in what province Talisay City is located so left the field blank.

By failing to use industry standard name conventions they have insured that their search engine will not function properly and their data will not be easily searchable using industry standards. Maybe that is done on purpose to make it harder for beneficiaries to find information and to hide their continuous data errors.

We continued to notice an increasing trend that does not bold well for Philippine TRICARE beneficiaries forced to use the limited access Demo.

That trend is what can arguably be called ‘Scraping the bottom of the barrel’, to find any provider that will agree to being ‘Approved’.

During the first briefing on this experiment we asked International SOS’s Frewen what quality checks were being done on providers added to the Approved list. His response was only Certified providers were considered. When questioned why certification constituted any kind of quality check he responded because only providers Philippine TRICARE beneficiaries used in the past were certified and therefore they must be the better quality providers.

While in an abstract way this might have some validity, then the opposite must also be true. The opposite being providers who are not certified because no beneficiaries used them or refused to use them based on what they heard about them are of low or questionable quality.

The latest Certified list includes new certified providers, who also appear as new approved providers in the Demo areas. Obviously the majority of these were not certified because a beneficiary decided to see them and file a claim in the Demo areas. So it appears they were certified so they could be approved; kind of putting the cart before the horse if one cares to believe Frewen’s quality claim. However the numbers are dwindling so maybe they have literally scraped the last residual of questionable providers from the bottom.

Bottom line, ISOS and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) seem to be willing to renege on any promise or any safeguard regardless of the adverse consequences to beneficiaries to force this experiment to continue.

A new trend we are seeing is a growing number of what Approved providers quietly being removed from the Certified list as well as the Approved list. So it appears more and more providers, even if ISOS bribed them with higher fees, are abandoning not only the Demonstration but want absolutely nothing to do with TRICARE and what they see as fraud. This doesn’t bode well for beneficiaries as the already limited pool of providers are being cut even more due to the poor quality of support and convoluted rules providers find with TRICARE. The latest loss is CARMEN MENCHU DEANG LIWANAG SKIN CLINIC at AUFMC.

And finally Frewen’s staff has decided to reduce access to care even more by removing the ability to easily filter/search the Excel Approved and Certified provider files. Until a couple of months ago and for years these lists were set up so that the average user could do basic filtering. But now users must first learn how to implement filtering, apply the technique and save the modified file. Maybe current IT staff no longer knows how to do this so it was removed due to lack of knowledge and not with malicious intent? If you don’t know how to add this feature back you can find instructions at How to Use AutoFilter in MS Excel.

See List of Secretly Removed Certified Providers. It can also be accessed from the TRICARE Overseas Philippines blog’s “Useful Links” on the right under the same name. It lists all providers removed in secret and under suspicious circumstances since 1 July 2013.

We also caution beneficiaries that providers listed on the certified and/or approved list my not really be certified or approved and ISOS admits this by virtue of their published disclaimer. In addition beneficiaries have attempted to use approved providers who denied they were approved. As with everything ISOS, buyer beware!

Never forget the Defense Health Agency and International SOS always have your back when it comes to high quality and easy access to care; just ask them!


About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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3 Responses to 1 July 14 List of Certified Providers Removed in Secret, Bottom of the Barrel and Disclaimers

  1. Dave says:

    List is not quite accurate. I just accessed the July 2014 Certified Provider list for Cebu dated July 1,2014. Dr. Mary Girlie Veloso was listed as certified , but according to the secret removal list she was removed on July 15,2013. Obviously someone is confused or, putting out deliberate bogus information.


    • Good point and we will remove her from the removed list on the next update. However this example points out one of the serious issues with these lists and how IT industry standards are ignored. Note the removal’s name is “VELOSO VISTAN,MARY GIRLIE,MD” while the one now on the list is “VELOSO,MARY GIRLIE,Z,MD”. Note the one removed is Mary Girlie Veloso Vistan while the current provider is Mary Girlie Z. Veloso. Automated systems see these as two individuals as would most people because of the last name Veloso Vistan. To catch these errors made by the kids and their freehand data entry requires we look at each and every entry and try to compare all the information. As in this case we can sometimes be fooled by the ISOS garbage in garbage out practices.


  2. wgraue says:

    “In a nut-_shell,” the established Tricare version of “3 card Monte,” or the “pea under which walnut shell” game played by Mick and Mark continues to be played because they can get away with it. You choose from the worst, most life threatening, overcharging aboituares, hope you or your family survives it, and they, while enriching themselves, until a bank is forced to reveal their secret accounts. In the meantime the lists of facilities one can claim continues to change without notice.

    The chances of landing on a facility in which one may legally claim reimbursement is lower than landing on the desired part of a “Monopoly” game, and you certainly are robbed of the chance to collect when passing “go.”
    The VA scandal, also under the shaky umbrella of care sponsored by DOD, while not directly in the beam of whistleblowers’ spotlights, is now casting some of that light, reflected so to speak on the racket being perpetrated here.
    I know of one legislator, considering running for the Oval Office who remarked in a committee meeting that it “would not look good for congress if more DOD sponsored wrongdoings and possibly criminal activities by government officials and contractors came to light before the oncoming elections.”
    I find it interesting that one element of interest in the VA now under investigation is the hugely disproportionate bonuses which senior civil servants and contractors maneuver and manipulate among themselves. She described it as “closed circuit embezzlement of government funds.”
    While the politicians are running scared of their own dirty shadows, now is the chance for retirees here to provide information they can use to make themselves look like they’re honest, while throwing a senior grade civil person and contractor to “The wolves” of the media ever starving for “fresh meat.” We must not miss this opportunity to “strike while the iron is hot.”


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