Congressional Inquiries to DHA Can Take Years to Receive a Reply or Maybe Never

We submitted a congressional inquiry to our Congressman back in January 2014. To date we do not have a response although he and his staff tried multiple times to get the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to respond. So we are publishing it here so Philippine TRICARE beneficiaries can see just how poorly the contractor DHA hired to provide them with their health benefit treats them. And to show how DHA goes to any length to not respond when they know their contractor was caught dead to rights violating their contract.

The original letter was faxed to the Congressman on 21 January 2014. The Congressman’s staff indorsed it to Major General Richard Thomas, Healthcare Operations Director, Defense Health Agency 7700 Arlington Blvd. Suite 5101, Falls Church, VA in a letter dated 22 January 2014. A cc: copy was also sent to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, Elizabeth King. In the letter the Congressman requested that they investigate the allegations and provide his office and the constituent with the findings of the review and answers to the questions posed.

One year and two weeks later we are still waiting for a response, even after multiple follow-up inquiries. Initially the claim was they had no record of, think lost, the inquiry followed by additional delays and excuses until the Congressman was defeated in the last election. In an attempt to insure a response the Congressman’s staff forwarded their records to the new Congresswoman who should receive the response, not to mention the response requested more than a year ago that was asked to be sent to the constituent.

It appears that DHA successfully avoided an inquiry into their contractor’s appalling performance and disregard for beneficiary welfare which should have resulted in punitive action taken against their contractor. Therefore we are releasing to the public the evidence against International SOS (ISOS) and their failure to provide any semblance of customer service and DHA’s failure to monitor their contractor. Because of the rock solid evidence against ISOS we suspect DHA found all they could do was to stonewall the Congressman in the hope he would go away.

Given we have seen similar complaints from others it appears that what we will show you are not multiple isolated incidents but a common practice of disregard for the welfare of beneficiaries. We encourage beneficiaries that read this and have similar experiences of ignored emails or broken promises of call backs to post them as comments to this article to demonstrate the true nature of ISOS.

While the Congressman was defeated last election his staff continued to attempt to get a response from DHA but to no avail. A year after originally receiving the inquiry DHA continued to claim it took more time to respond because it involved overseas providers. See email exchange. It seems they will tell any tale to avoid responding by claiming an inquiry about ISOS’s complete and total lack of customer service involved “overseas providers”. Apparently this was supposed to justify the year they had been dragging their feet.

The inquiry included four examples of legitimate questions posed to ISOS or their front Global 24 by email where they chose to ignore the questions. In most cases this was done by never responding to the emails although automated acknowledgements of receipt were received. In one case they chose to claim secrecy as to why they refused to respond. In another they deliberately chose not to respond causing denial of access to care.

For those interested in the specific examples feel free to read the complete inquiry.

If you want to find out the real story behind DHA’s and ISOS’s focused attack on TRICARE beneficiaries in the Philippines instead of their spin and propaganda, read TRICARE: Betrayal in the Philippines, Is This the Future of TRICARE Overseas? It is available at the link and most online book sales outlets such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others.

Never forget the Defense Health Agency and International SOS always have your back when it comes to high quality and easy access to care; just ask them!


About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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  1. wgraue says:

    My eldest son likes to dabble in math. He claims that a model of proceedings here
    Involving efforts to pursue a rightful claim amount cost note in time personal efforts, and money than the amount recovered.


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