ISOS Data Breach and Loss of Patient Information Waiting to Happen

International SOS (ISOS) is failing to provide even adequate internet security on its webpages. All of our medical claims and associated medical information, User IDs and Passwords are at serious risk with this inadequate ISOS internet security. They have chosen to use an obsolete cryptography to secure the portal that grants access to all of our medical claims from overseas and only God knows what else. The weak security configuration they are using is TLS 1.0 which was replaced by TLS 1.1 in 2006 and again by TLS 1.2 in 2008.


Due to their negligence and DHA’s failure to proper monitor their contractor we are at risk of having our information taken by hackers! Not only is your User ID and Password at risk but all the information accessible on their claims website which includes your SSN, bank account numbers, address, etc.

These links will provide you with more information on this security issue.

Transport Layer Security

How’s My SSL?

Transport Layer Security

If you want to find out the real story behind DHA’s focused attack on TRICARE beneficiaries in the Philippines instead of their spin and propaganda, read TRICARE: Betrayal in the Philippines, Is This the Future of TRICARE Overseas? It is available at the link and most online book sales outlets such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others.

Never forget the Defense Health Agency and International SOS always have your back when it comes to high quality and easy access to care; just ask them!

About TRICARE Overseas Philippines

We are U.S. Military retirees working to insure we obtain the medical benefit promised in spite of the Defense Health Agency.
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1 Response to ISOS Data Breach and Loss of Patient Information Waiting to Happen

  1. wgraue says:

    We always expect less from these sleazy racketeers, now we have it. They’ve probably sold our information and will use this trick to gain plsudable deniability.


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